intO – Up close and worldwide.

intO – Up close and worldwide.

intO is a specialist research company, on the ground in every continent, connected up close within established and emerging markets. intO’s teams live in the mix of everyday cultures, researching in-detail and in-context. They discover how local people worldwide really live and think, so intO’s clients can create extraordinary products and services.

intO is a research agency that recognises the need for businesses and organisations to keep pace with ever-changing opportunities in markets throughout the world.

intO’s teams gain up-close insights about people’s diverse attitudes and behaviour in their local language, within the context of cultural influences, regional trends and wider worldwide patterns.

intO’s experienced Local Experts work with their clients in collaborative real-time strategic guidance. This enables intO to rethink and shape the world of work, for businesses and organisations to explore new opportunities, enhance their innovation processes, and flourish locally, regionally and worldwide.


intO wanted to update their brand to reflect better who they are and position themselves in the world as a premium leader in Research and Innovation…

…So, we designed it together…

A worldwide community of human stories – empowered by intO people.


intO is a ‘living’ brand. Inspired by location. Coloured by culture. A company built on innovation and inspiration from the people within.

80 Cultural Guides in 65 Countries.

The new brand is a snapshot of everyday life’s imperfections and beauty through the eyes of Local Experts.

Together we designed the brand to be up close, with a detailed, local focus – in-context with regional, rural and urban perspectives. We reveal those behaviours that matter by understanding positive and negative attitudes worldwide.


I worked in close collaboration with intO, Neil Angove, Ingrid Patterson and Joel Hughes to co-create an inclusive visual brand – characterised by an empathetic, invitational tone-of-voice – which intO people themselves will develop and expand. We designed the intO brand to be free from the pre-defined constraints that restrict legacy brands. Instead, it will be an evolving brand, shaped and characterised by human stories. intO is an agency formed and inspired by future-facing creativity. Consequently, the new brand is designed to be forward-looking and responsive – energised by people who live and work in diverse cultures and influenced by ever-changing trends throughout the world.

We look forward to this new kind of people-focused brand being embraced by intO people worldwide – and watching it grow naturally in extraordinary ways.

16 Weeks. 19 Skype calls. 11 Phone calls. 12 WhatsApp messages. 276 E-mails. 50 Countries. 428 Miles covered. 4563 Slack messages. 3 Presentations. 102 Cups of Coffee. 14 Slices of cake. 1 New voice. 12 Surprise moments. 9 Different locations. 22,505 words written. 2 Meals together. 1 Parking ticket :/. 22 Hugs and a few kisses. 1 Digital home. 1 Project. New Friendships formed.

Our nation’s conversations — shared.

Our nation’s conversations — shared.

From property developer to people – Living on a human scale

From property developer to people – Living on a human scale