First things first—get a 50-year legacy organisation on-side and under control.

First things first—get a 50-year legacy organisation on-side and under control.

DVLA outlined in its 2017–2020 strategic plan, 'Onwards', the need to visually unite its organisation with consistency to achieve real change across integrated marketing activities, digital and communications.

The new design guideline helped DVLA deliver upon their brand promise of Simpler, Better, Safer, by developing a monolithic brand approach, uniting all the internal sub-brands under a single identity. 

The design guide signalled how the government organisation required people to see and experience DVLA. An organisation with a single direction and purpose, putting excellent services for customers at the heart of everything they do. 

The design approach

– Simple – Clean – Effective


Communicating with consistency across channels which are: 

• Simple – providing information the reader needs, no more, no less 

• Clear – logically structured and in a language which is easy to understand 

• Fair – never misleading 

• Integrated – there is only one DVLA; their audiences shouldn't see different approaches taken by different teams.


The design guide principles contributed to improving: 

• Compliance – helping those people who wish to comply with laws and regulations and encouraging those who are less inclined to do so 

• Cost-effectiveness – helping people to take the correct action at the first attempt and guiding them towards the most cost-effective channels when they need to engage with DVLA 

• Customer service – minimising the time and effort required to get on the road legally and safely. 

End-to-end, and inside out.

End-to-end, and inside out.

Managing the visual brand in a coordinated way helps the government organisation avoid confusing customers, stakeholders, associations and importantly, their employees.

This guide was approved by the CEO, Executive Team and Service Managers and used as a universal visual standard for DVLA across all its legacy documents, forms and communication channels. 

Define the experience beyond design guides.


The strategy conveyed the importance of having a 'Creative Community' set within DVLA, which served as a 'Cross-government platform' for innovation.

There was an opportunity for DVLA to demonstrate how the government organisation valued creativity. So that design thinking and creativity are perceived as an active experience.

Together, we all use creativity to solve the problem

Together, we always considered the user

Together, we design things that matter

Together, we consider both back-end operational use and customer experience.

Cross-government creative platform = Exploration, Engagement, Learning, Innovate.

Cross-government creative platform = Exploration, Engagement, Learning, Innovate.

A community of design thinking is, fundamentally, a strategic approach to problem-solving together that all modern organisations should embrace. If the definition of design is solving a problem, then the meaning of a strategic plan is solving the right problem. 

Design the opportunity.

To become a place where we seamlessly integrate our physical, human and digital capabilities to service the needs of citizens and grow the commercial enterprise, while leading lateral creative thinking across government.

Ideas shared, Ideas made better, Ideas made real, Ideas together.

Ideas shared, Ideas made better, Ideas made real, Ideas together.

Ambition; Build a creative community and become an active, irresistible environment for generating ideas, developing skills and be known for game-changing innovations.


Onwards, together…

Just being...

Just being...

Nokia – It's time for change.

Nokia – It's time for change.