Catalyst for stimulating fresh minds, entrepreneurship, inventiveness, personal growth, lateral thinking, trust, commitment, positive debate and suspended judgment.

Catalyst for stimulating fresh minds, entrepreneurship, inventiveness, personal growth, lateral thinking, trust, commitment, positive debate and suspended judgment.

The preindustrial economy was all about craftsmanship. Then came our industrial revolution, which focussed on output. Now thanks to new technologies, we are moving slowly into our next phase of the cognitive revolution. We are now redefining work to create valuable human-machine collaborations, shifting our understanding of work from task completion to problem-solving and managing human connective relationships.

Co-working needs to go beyond ‘real estate, self and cool’ – it’s now essential to change the narrative and experience from being a centre to work from and affordability to playing a bigger facilitator role for the new workforce generation and community – People and business need to feel there is a place for them to influence and lead collective change within their community.

Welcome to New– a new proposed co-working space for Newport.

Strategy (Draft)

We are aiming to be more than a standard co-working space of individuals – a place where people and business unlock their potential through co-creation and working diversity to help grow mutual economic growth in the community of Newport through collaborative togetherness, establishing new ways of community engagement and inventiveness with fresh minds.

We want to fuse startup thinking and agile methods to energise business innovation and projects by connected thinking and challenging peoples boundaries. The mission is to create a community space where you meet, work and co-create with like-minded people to enable business opportunities to flourish for mutual economic, personal growth and community inventiveness – a place which allows accelerated serendipity to take place.

The world of working is changing across three merging areas of work: Work, the what. The workforce, the who, and the workplace, the where. New ways of thinking, seeing, working and living – paradigm co-working shifts – are waiting to be discovered and embraced wholeheartedly, with co-creative passionate purpose and togetherness.

When people come together to co-own, Wicked problems, it allows for a higher level degree of design thinking within the community. In the end, everyone benefits from access to a community of like-minded people. New– is a place that believes in cultivating new design thinking and conversations to stimulate sustainable opportunities and inventiveness in the shared community.


New– is a space for progressive business and creative discovery in the centre of Newport. Co-owned through shares by its community, where it becomes a force for radical thinking collaborative inventiveness for Newport and Wales – Cultivating startup innovation and encouraging local entrepreneurs and economy to thrive. Collaborative harmony empowers co-creative diversity and is the future of co-working. The future of co-working recognises diversity is a collective strength of collaborative capability amongst people who might otherwise work alone – A co-working community can only thrive through growing deep affection, appreciation, generosity and outward-facing admiration for one another's uniqueness and skills – because co-working harmony empowers co-creative diversity togetherness and is the future of work.

A space for encouraging collaboration, creativity, interaction and knowledge-sharing between remote workers, startups, corporate innovation teams, wider-community and local government who embrace the unruly, dare to experiment and venture into the unknown.

We want to be a space to empower inventive humans and organisations to impact the present and cultivate the future.

Togetherness has the power to improve individual lives and our city in multiple ways, from stimulating economic value, population growth to nurturing a more supportive community of connected professionals. A space that is a versatile and valuable asset to the people of Newport and Wales and a catalyst, stimulating fresh minds, entrepreneurship, inventiveness, personal growth, lateral thinking, trust, commitment, positive debate and suspended judgment.

Some see uncertainty; together, we want to see New– possibilities.


  • Life and culture is transforming

  • Technology influence will widen and deepen at the same time

  • Consumers will become citizens

  • Analogue skills will be required in a digital world


  • Organisations are evolving into more flexible structures

  • Sharing economy & collaboration is rising

  • Relationship between business and individuals will combine

  • Product/service perception and needs will change


  • Skills and competence sets are transforming

  • Social media is impacting our perception of life and reality

  • Emotional boundaries and understanding are blurring

  • We’re moving from managerial structures to open economies


Kindness, Equality, Collaboration, Community

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Newport County AFC – New club badge.

Newport County AFC – New club badge.

Creativity has no borders.

Creativity has no borders.