Our nation’s conversations — shared.

Economic instability, environmental pressures, East, West — our world changes continually. Our lives have always been influenced by technological advances, which now offer unprecedented digital ubiquity. We are networked communities — talking together in global conversations.

intO – Up close and worldwide.

intO is a Research and Innovation agency – On the ground on every continent, connected up close within established and emerging markets. Who live in the mix of everyday cultures, optimising the process for multi-regional projects. They bring the world to clients’ fingertips, in-detail and in-context.

Just being...

I’ve come to the conclusion that the age-old notion of national identity is a catalyst for conflict. It causes people to suffer the divisive effects found within dictatorship, racism, ideological beliefs, genocide, wars… amongst many.

Creativity has no borders.

I, like many, have been dismayed by the global political system in recent times — the never-ending conflicts in the Middle East, the war on terrorism, the increased battles and numerous economic and environmental crises.